Monday, September 3, 2012

If you go down to the Woods today......

 This summer has been a poor one for getting away in our van. Mainly due to the lousy weather and also by the fact the van was in the garage for 5 weeks having its gearbox being rebuilt.  So when we picked up the van last week I was itching to get away even for one night. Laura was taking Erin down to London at the weekend and the weather was set fair, so I decided to do a quick lads night away with my six yr old son Joel.
  After much head scratching as where to go, I decide on a spot just a few miles away in a woodland we'd been to before as a family. A few provisions were chucked in the van and off we set and since it was local we were there in less than 30 mins.. It was a lovely warm Autumn evening and it  didn't take long to make camp so we set off to hunt for blackberries near the lake. I kicked myself for not packing a fishing rod as the fish were biting.
  Our appetites were duly built ,so I rustled up some supper for me and Joel just as the sun was setting and shinning into our little clearing on the edge of the woods. Its funny how the mood of a woodland can change as darkness creeps into what had been lush canopy of green with pools of dappled sunlight.Once Joel was tucked up asleep in the Campervan I lit a fire to keep me company and cracked open a beer. I could see the stars through a clearing in the canopy of foliage and now and then a snap of a twig and a rustle in the undergrowth, as some creature scuttled by. At night I was glad of the campfire as my imagination played tricks on me with the dancing shadows all around.