Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Moments of Trembling....the MOT!

Its that time of year when my heart beats loudly my mouth goes dry and my fingernails get chewed off....Yes MOT time....  Indeed moments of trembling would be a fitting meaning of the MOT test when your poor old Campervan gets prodded and poked by an MOT tester with no sense of humour or willingness to be bribed.
  Though we all recognise the need for our vehicles to be tested once a year to ensure they are not mobile death traps, it is a nerve racking time for the owner of "older" vans. Why the trepidation I hear you ask ? Well usually this is the time we get a list of things that need fixing which means ££££ will be flying from your wallet.
 Now we've had our van for four years now but I always forget and get caught out with the MOTs This year was no exception as it was about to run out three days before Christmas (bad planning) and of course I left it to the last moment and you guessed it they couldn't fit it in... eeeek. So the vans MOT had expired and I couldn't drive it for two weeks until the garage reopened in the New Year. So this morning with sweaty palms I dropped the Camper off for her MOT.....FAIL...ahhhhh. Thankfully Steve and Les who do most of the work on my van felt pity on me and got her in straight away for the relative minor work and I will have her back tomorrow...phew.