Sunday, August 11, 2013

Keep Calm.....and Relax.

Since being a small child August has always meant long summer holidays by the beach and playing out late. The summers were always sunny and life seemed so simple...Ahhhh the memories.
  Now with children of our own we try and recreate those times for Erin and Joel, hence why we have a Campervan. Right now we are in the middle of packing for our next adventure to France, which is just a few days away. As a child summer holidays for me involved long drives down to Cornwall in the back of mum and dad's old Ford Cortina. Back then the motorway wasn't finished so the journey often involved an overnight stop, where today you can do it in 5 hours. Anyhow I digress. Being a child you don't worry about the packing malarkey (that's mum and dads job) and it seems that is one thing that's not changed in 30 years. Erin and Joel are completely oblivious of the preparation work required for three weeks camping in France.. And why should they, they're kids.
  It's been two years since we've done a long camping trip as last year the Campervan was out of commission in August due to gearbox problems. We instead flew to Ibiza for two weeks, which was great, but these days flying is such a mither with all the regulations that going by Campervan is easy in comparison. This time we're taking the bikes as where we're going is fairly flat and there's some great cycle tracks to explore.
  This time as we're more familiar with our route and the Campervan the journey doesn't seem as daunting. The total distance we're driving is less than 700 miles and we are doing it at a leisurely pace over three days.
 We picked a 5* site this year with swimming pools and everything you could wish for and still only 500m from the beach. How much did this indulgence cost???..About £24 a night!!, which when you compare it to UK prices, its very cheap. Once there I shall kick back drink wine and relax, I may even try a little surfing.