Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day Tripping.....

Owning a Campervan is not just about camping but it opens a whole new raft
of  possibilities for the humble day out. In reality you will only go camping in the warmer months and unless you are retired you'd be lucky to camp more than half a dozen times a year. But what about the winter and those times you just don't have time to "Camp over".
  This is where the other bonus of owning a Campervan comes into play..."The Day Trip". Our van gets used all year round and it can be a workhorse as well as a "Fun palace" and yet some of the best experience's we've had in the van have just been day trips out to Forests, Castles, Markets, and even Ikea.. Having somewhere warm and dry after a mornings walking and the ability just to brew up, gives you an amazing sense of "well being" and makes the entire day out more of an adventure.
  So don't pack away your campervan in the winter, but get out there , have fun and make a cuppa....." Day Tripping across the UK "