Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Camping...Part One

In the UK  Easter usually heralds the start of the British camping season, but it also can be the most challenging weather wise.. Optimistically we bought a new Khyam awning, camp beds and chairs as at my age comfort is becoming a lot more important. With Easter approaching we left if to the last minute to book a campsite just so we could see if the weather would be fine and not snowing as it did last year...Thankfully the forecast was fair...But where to go??.. As we would only be away for three to four days we wanted some where within a three hour drive. Our daughter Erin chipped in  and said she wanted to go to the beach....So it we decided on Anglesey in North Wales just 115 miles away.

  Now normally you could get to Anglesey in a little over two hours in a car, but in a heavily laden campervan in Bank Holiday traffic that journey turned into over four hours...During a break for lunch an ominous trickle of water emerged from under the van, much to the hilarity of our daughter Erin who chimed in that Chester had wet himself.. After unloading all the camping gear so I could get to the engine it thankfully turned out to be just a loose coolant hose...phew and we were soon on our way again.
  The site we chose in Rhosneigr was full of Welsh rustic charm..( read basic) but it was clean and the farmer who owned it was laid back and cheerful..After a little head scratching with how to pitch the new awning, base camp was set up and after a long day a pub tea was in order.

The next day dawned glorious with blue skies and a gentle breeze and we heard that the local Racing Circuit was open that day and as Joel loves all things car related we couldn't miss the chance. Just 10 minutes down the round we positioned the campervan on top of a small hill above the circuit and enjoyed an hour or so of free motor racing. It was a surreal location with the sea on one side and the mountains on the other and all enjoyed from the comfort of Chester the Campervan.