Monday, October 27, 2014

An Amazing Summer...

Ok so my last blog was back in April....I must apologise for the lack of updates, but I've been busy...Very busy.  Just after my last post we decided to put our house on the market so we could pursue the dream of building our own house. Our little town house was a wonderful home but the reality was that it had no garden and that was becoming an issue for our autistic son Joel.
 We could never afford to buy the house we would need for our family, but we could afford to self build one. So our first step was to sell our house then rent whilst we looked for a suitable plot of  land to build on. However we were taken aback how events unfolded...We sold our house in seven hours!! Then were offered a housing association house to rent, due to Joel being autistic and finally a perfect plot of land came up that would be ideal for our self build. All this happened over the course of three months, it was like a whirlwind.
  Our new house that we were renting was a newly refurbished large thirties semi detached with a huge garden backing onto woodland. It was the perfect garden for both Erin and Joel to play in. At the bottom of the garden there was the wooded area that Joel was immediately drawn to and this got me thinking  on ways to improve it. On TV there is a series called "George Clarkes Amazing Spaces" that features the brilliant ideas people come up with to reinvent small spaces on more down to earth budgets.....I had a plan and with the help of Erin we decided to build it. We sent our idea into Channel four and they loved it. So within a few weeks of moving house we began building our #Amazingspace , whilst a film crew followed our progress.